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About Atlantis Water Treatment Ltd

Founded in the late '90s, Atlantis specialise in the water softening industry. We make water softeners, the AT 210 being our newest model. For more information on the AT 210 click here.

Softner Haverhill, SuffolkOur products are widely available through all good Builders Merchants; click, where to buy an Atlantis water softener to find a merchant in your area.

Company History

Managing Director John Parr first became involved in water treatment in the early 1980's working for Waterside Plc. Progressing from installation to repairs and servicing, in the following years he became a Director of the company and also General Manager.

Throughout this time he was heavily involved in product design and was credited with the design of the Waterside Euro models, the Waterside DX500, TC250 and the MC250, which is probably the most successful water softener ever produced in this country.
Following the takeover of Waterside by Culligan, John resigned his position at Waterside in the late 1990's and founded Atlantis. This was an opportunity to develop a completely new meter controlled water softener.

>> Click here to find out about the Atlantis AT210 water softener
Atlantis Water Treatment Ltd, Unit 3A Homefield Road, Haverhill, Suffolk, UK, CB9 8QP