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The Story Behind the AT210 Water Softener

John Parr Water Softener Haverhill, SuffolkWhen I started Atlantis in early '99 I was determined to put my ten years experience in the water softener industry to good use. No short cuts on quality, no quick and easy products created by the bolting together of stock bits and pieces and no design compromises resulting from trying to please all tastes, all of the time.

Instead I questioned every single feature found in conventional water softeners, re-appraised every component in common use and thought long and hard about ease of use.

At the same time, I was careful to guard against change for change's sake. So when it came to the control valve for example - a vital component that directs the flow of water for the regeneration process - I knew that we could do no better than fit a valve made by Fleck - widely acknowledged as the most efficient and reliable in the world.

But for the most part I found room for improvement in just about every other aspect. The proportions of the resin vessel could be improved, the cabinet design could be more daring, details like how the salt lid functioned were worthy of attention and the electronics were completely rethought.

The result is the AT 210, an uncompromisingly modern appliance designed for people who demand the most up to date products possible.

See one at your local distributor soon and I'm sure you'll share my enthusiasm for it.

John Parr, Founder of Atlantis

Atlantis Water Treatment Ltd, Unit 3A Homefield Road, Haverhill, Suffolk, UK, CB9 8QP