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AT210 Water Softener


Why use a water softenerThe AT210 is an uncompromisingly modern appliance – the result
of a complete re-appraisal of the conventional water softener.

The AT210 combines the best quality components, gives
priority to ease of use and is an efficient, user friendly modern appliance.

Design advantages over the average softener include: a slimline cabinet with improved vessel proportions; meter controlled; the most reliable control valve in the world; and state of the art electronics that are upgradable and reprogrammable, so that the AT210 stays at the leading edge of water softener technology.

The AT 210 is packed full of great features, here is an overview of the main ones:
  1. A unique electronic controller - made in England.
  2. The world's most reliable control valve.
  3. Foolproof; push button setup - takes just a few seconds.
  4. Meter control is standard. Atlantis Water Softener Demo, Haverhill, Suffolk, UK
  5. Automatic partial regeneration - saves salt.
  6. High efficiency, high capacity resin vessel.
  7. One model suits most families.
  8. Pulsing LEDs tell you it's functioning correctly.
  9. Capable of producing more soft water from
    less salt than any other softener.

Constantly Updated

We don’t change for change’s sake, only
to make the softener better. Sometimes
the improvements are just small things,
but over time they add up to make a big
difference. Improvements made since the AT210 was first introduced include:
  • upgraded electronics that mean the softener uses less salt than ever
  • a better overflow system – an adapter makes it easier to change between a set up that is suited to a ground floor installation or for a loft fitting.
  • the drain pipe is now a 3⁄8" hose that is 3 metres long. This makes it easy to run along the back of a cupboard, which could reduce the time and cost of installation.
Capable of producing more soft water from less salt than any other water softener

Programmed to regenerate only
exhausted resin, an advanced micro chip
has been developed to use the least
amount of salt and water at the best
time of day and night. This ensures that
your flow of soft water is disrupted as
little as possible and remains consistent
whatever time of day or night.

No clock – for trouble free
set up

Taking only seconds to set up when
installed, the clock-free control system
retains settings indefinitely, controlling
the remaining capacity of the water
softener – even after a power cut. This
gives the AT210 the ability to maintain a
supply of softened water that matches
your individual requirements. Unlike
most softeners, the AT210 is so simple to install and set up that commissioning is not necessary.
Meter control is

Unlike most water softeners on the
market, the AT210 comes with meter
control as standard. Meter control
manages the regeneration of your
softener in line with the amount of soft
water used. The meter control ensures that only exhausted resin is regenerated.
Meter control should not be confused
with the less efficient time-controlled
systems available which regenerate at a fixed time of day regardless of how much or how little soft water used.

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AT210 Specifications

Water Softener Dimensions
Depth (with hoses connected)
12 Volt via transformer
Max. Pressure
5 Bar (70 P.S.I.)
Min. Pressure
1.7 Bar (20 P.S.I.)
2442 Litres per day at 21 Degrees clark (300 ppm)
Salt Use
1.44 Kg
14 Litres

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